Montenegrin Stitch worked on the straight

Montenegrin stitch was originally used to decorate ethnic costumes in the Montenegrin area of Yugoslavia, hence its name.


Montenegrin Stitch


Whilst similar at a  quick glance to cross stitch on closer inspection it provides added texture and sits above the linen.


The reverse of the Montenegrin Stitch


It is reversible if the correct stitch path is followed and because of this was often used in period clothing such as collars where both sides of the embroidery was visible. It was frequently used in samplers from the 17th and 18th century.


Stith path Montenegrin Stitch


This stitch is formed by laying three stitches – an oblique, diagonal and upright.


To start and end a row we need to use compensating stitches shown in green and pink.


We will look at the stitch worked on the diagonal in another tutorial.