An online workshop/tutorial – Fearless Freehand

Following my  recent visit to the US where I taught a workshop Fearless Freehand I am pleased to announce that the workshop is now available as an online tutorial that can be purchased for £10.

The tutorial comprises of a downloadable 12 page booklet and a comprehensive step by step “how-to” video. Stitches covered are the pin stitch, counted and freehand satin stitch, Algerian eyelet and stem stitch. Together with cross stitch these are all the stitches required to stitch Sarah Mary Larkworthy’s beautiful sampler. Although French knots are not used in Sarah’s sampler they are included as a bonus stitch in the tutorial.


The tutorial is based on the freehand chrysanthemum flower heads, the counted phlox heads, the stem stitched vines and satin stitched berries found in Sarah’s sampler.  Instructions are included so that the stitched tutorial piece can be finished into a needle case or pin disk.

Once the tutorial has been purchased an access link will be emailed within 24 hours, often sooner depending on time zones. HERE is the link for more information.


The sampler Sarah Mary Larkworthy 1727 is a Nashville 2018 release and the booklet to stitch the actual sampler will be available to purchase the first weekend of March. You can preorder with your LNS. The online tutorial is available now.