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Emily’s sampler is offered to you in two different formats ~ as an instant PDF download and as a printed booklet. Details of the printed booklet can be found HERE.

Emily Ann Greenaway is a truly beautiful sampler with a decorative multi-coloured border which encloses some very sweet animals and motifs. The colour palette has been taken from the front of the sampler as these have mellowed into lovely soft colours. The eye is drawn to the colourful basket of fruit in the centre, and it is here that Emily dates her sampler to 1884. On either side are a deer and an extremely cute, realistic little rabbit. The sampler is worked in cross stitch over two threads and is a delight to stitch.

Emily places her sampler in Sibertswold, which is a village situated about 6 miles from the port city of Dover, Kent. Emily Ann Greenaway was born on the 16th of October 1864 in Sibertswold, Kent. This makes her around 20 years old when she stitched her sampler in 1884. The majority of samplers were stitched by younger girls, so it is interesting that she was older. Emily had a very long life. She died on the 22nd of February 1958 at the grand old age of 95 years in Chatham and is also buried at Woodlands Cemetery in Gillingham, Kent. She would have witnessed many changes in her life and would have had to adapt. I have a feeling that she was a strong and kind woman, with a sense of duty and care towards her family, providing a loving home when one was needed.

I hope you will enjoy reading about Emily’s life in the booklet and will enjoy stitching her sampler ~ Susan

With grateful thanks to Susan Hyde who lovingly stitched the model for Emily, researched her life, and wrote her story. At the very core of Hands Across the Sea Samplers there is a team of needleworkers who are passionate about antique samplers and being able to share those samplers with you.

There are 4 versions of the pdf. You will be able to download any or all of the following versions of the pdf and the graph:

Version 1 ~ A pdf with a six-page colour chart.

Version 2 ~ A pdf with a one-page colour chart which can be printed but is intended to be viewed/used on your tablet, phone, laptop, or computer.

Version 3 ~ A pdf with a six-page black and white symbol chart.

Version 4 ~ A pdf with a one-page black and white chart which can be printed but is intended to be viewed/used on your tablet, phone, laptop, or computer.

Thread Legend

This sweet, colourful sampler has been reproduced using a palette of 18 colours from Au Ver à Soie’s range of Soie 100.3. Only one spool or skein is required when using one strand or two strands of thread on 28ct to 56ct linen. We have provided conversions for Soie d’Alger and DMC below.

Soie 100.3                                

031 Hazelnut brown ~ light

070 Salmon ~ dark

073 Grey green ~ light

091 Pumpkin ~ pale

137 Terracotta ~ very dark

152 Olive green

207 Beige grey ~ very dark

278  Antique mauve ~ light

338  Shell grey ~ dark

352 Navy blue ~ medium

491 Hunter green ~ dark

493 Alizarin

549 Forest green ~ very dark

557 Antique violet ~ medium

629 Coffee brown ~ very dark

656 Pistachio green ~ dark

684 Coral ~ medium

740 Shell grey ~ light


Soie d’Alger             

643 Pumpkin ~ pale                

934 Salmon ~ dark

935  Coral ~ medium

1423  Navy blue ~ medium

1835 Forest green ~ very dark

1836 Pistachio green ~ dark

2135 Hunter green ~ dark

2214 Olive green

2644 Alizarin

2646 Terracotta ~ very dark

3341 Shell grey ~ light

3414  Shell grey ~ dark

3834 Beige grey ~ very dark

4124 Coffee brown ~ very dark

4242 Hazelnut brown ~ light

4643 Antique mauve ~ light

5022  Grey green ~ light

5114  Antique violet ~ medium



22 Alizarin    

311 Navy blue ~ medium

319 Pistachio green ~ dark

350 Coral ~ medium

422 Hazelnut brown ~ light

451 Shell grey ~ dark

453   Shell grey ~ light

640 Beige grey ~ very dark

732 Olive green

778 Antique mauve ~ light

898 Coffee brown ~ very dark

927 Grey green ~ light

986 Forest green ~ very dark

3041 Antique violet ~ medium

3328 Salmon ~ dark

3345 Hunter green ~ dark

3777 Terracotta ~ very dark

3825 Pumpkin ~ pale


Linen Sizes

The original sampler was stitched on 24ct Penelope canvas. The model was stitched on a Zweigart-based linen that was overdyed to the shade Marbled Pointer by xJuDesigns. However, the sampler can be worked on both Aida and linen.

The design area is 184 stitches (w) x 144 stitches (h). Our calculations have included a 3″ margin for finishing and framing.



28ct: Design: 13.14″ x 10.29″ Fabric: 19.14″ x 16.29″

32ct: Design: 11.50″ x 9.00″ Fabric: 17.50″ x 15.00″

36ct: Design: 10.22″ x 8.00″ Fabric: 16.22″ x 14.00″

40ct: Design: 9.20″ x 7.20″ Fabric: 15.20″ x 13.20″

46ct: Design: 8.00″ x 6.26″ Fabric: 14.00″ x 12.26″

56ct: Design: 6.57″ x 5.14″ Fabric: 12.57″ x 11.14″

Stitch Guide

Emily’s sampler is worked with cross stitch over two threads of linen and are suitable for needleworkers of all abilities.

Cross stitch ~ is made up of two stitches worked over two threads. You should make all your stitches cross in the same direction for a neat and uniform finish.