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Margaret is offered to you in two different formats ~ as an instant PDF download  and as a printed booklet. Details of the printed booklet can be found HERE.

Margaret is one of a pair of sister samplers and was stitched in 1854. Margaret finished her sampler at the age of 10 years in 1854 at Hoghton School. Her sister Charlotte finished her sampler in 1860. Using the clues that the two sisters recorded in cross stitches, we were able to locate the girls in family history records.

Margaret was born on December 23, 1843 and Charlotte in 1848. Their parents were Thomas Entwistle, a farmer and his wife Charlotte (née Whitehead). There were six children born to the couple between 1841 and 1848. Their mother certainly had her hands full!

When Thomas and Charlotte (senior) married on December 23, 1839 in St James, Thomas was an agricultural labourer. In the 1851 census return, Thomas farmed 36 acres at Top o’th Lane in Brindle, Lancashire. The school at Hoghton was some 2.5 miles from the farm.

The Entwistle family prospered and in the 1861 census return, Thomas had a holding of some 115 acres at Top o’th Lane. Thomas was appointed a governor of the Brindle Workhouse in the November of 1866. We have also found a reference to Thomas holding the positions of market inspector and trustee of the Shuttlingfields Charity and funds for the poor. He was a respected member of the community.

Charlotte died 4 years after she stitched her sampler, on March 31, 1864 just short of her 16th birthday. She was buried in the churchyard of St James, the Anglican church in Brindle. Eventually, her parents, Margaret and two of her brothers were buried with her.

Margaret never married. At the time of her death on August 4, 1896, she resided at 22 Park Road, Chorley. The 1891 census return records that she was living on her own means and her brother William was lodging with her.

We are so grateful that Charlotte and Margaret’s samplers were kept together by their siblings’ descendants and are now in our safekeeping. We hope that you enjoy stitching both sisters. Charlotte’s sampler can be found HERE.

The design is suitable for needleworkers of all abilities. The stitches used are mainly cross stitch over 2 threads of linen with only the name and age being in cross stitch over 1 thread of linen.

The reproduction of Margaret’s sampler has been a team effort. Her sampler has been painstakingly charted by Sandra Moffitt, her booklet produced by Nicola Parkman, and the model lovingly stitched by Robert Harris.

There are 4 versions of the pdf. You will be able to download any or all of the following versions of the pdf and the graph:

Version 1 ~ A pdf with a six-page colour chart.

Version 2 ~ A pdf with a one-page colour chart which can be printed but is intended to be viewed/used on your tablet, phone, laptop, or computer.

Version 3 ~ A pdf with a six-page black and white symbol chart.

Version 4 ~ A pdf with a one-page black and white chart which can be printed but is intended to be viewed/used on your tablet, phone, laptop, or computer.

Thread Legend

Margaret’s charming sampler was stitched with a beautiful palette of 21 colours from Au Ver à Soie’s range of Soie 100.3. We have provided conversions for Soie d’Alger and DMC. Only one spool or skein of each colour is required.

Soie 100.3 / SDA / DMC ~ Colour Description
25 / 5024 / 501 ~ Blue green
80 / F13 / Ecru ~ Ecru
129 / 2226 / 830 ~ Golden olive
155 / 4223 / 437 ~ Tan
209 / 3726 / 500 ~ Blue green dark
218 / 4141 / 3861 ~ Cocoa
244 / 0922 / 352 ~ Coral
303 / 2243 / 729 ~ Old gold
335 / 2646 / 3777 ~ Terracotta
465 / 3722 / 3053 ~ Green grey
474 / 3322 / 3743 ~ Antique violet
481 / 3441 / 05 ~ Driftwood
536 / 2926 / 221 ~ Shell pink
616 / 3744 / 829 ~ Golden olive dark
681 / 2922 / 321 ~ Christmas red
702 / 4545 / 975 ~ Golden brown
710 / 1746 / 924 ~ Grey green dark
712 / 2756 / 927 ~ Grey green light
741 / 2914 / 760 ~ Salmon
768 / 1424 / 311 ~ Navy Blue medium
Noir / Noir / 310 ~ Black

Linen Sizes

The design area is 128 stitches (w) x 198 stitches (h). Our calculations have included a 3" margin for finishing and framing. The model was stitched using 46ct Zweigart-based linen that was overdyed to the shade “Ragamuffin” by Tabbycat Linen. We recommend that you should use a count of fabric that you enjoy working with.

28ct: Design: 9.14" x 14.14" Fabric: 15.14" x 20.14"
32ct: Design: 8.00" x 12.38" Fabric: 14.00" x 18.38"
36ct: Design: 7.11" x 11.00" Fabric: 13.11" x 17.00"
40ct: Design: 6.40" x 9.90" Fabric: 12.40" x 15.90"
46ct: Design: 5.57" x 8.61" Fabric: 11.57" x 14.61"
56ct: Design: 4.57" x 7.07" Fabric: 10.57" x 13.07"

Stitch Guide

Margaret executed her pretty sampler in cross stitch over 2 threads with the verse executed in cross stitch over 1 thread. The sampler is suitable for all levels of ability.

Cross Stitch is made up of 2 stitches  worked over 2 threads. Make all your stitches cross in the same direction for a neat and uniform finish.

Hands Across the Sea Samplers are on hand to help those stitching our charts. If you need assistance or have any questions we can be reached via email, address shown below, or the contact page on our website. Our website has stitching tutorials which can be found in the “sewing basket/tools” section.