Mary G Ramage, a Scottish temperance sampler ~ an instant pdf download


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Mary’s sampler is presented to you in two different formats ~ an instant PDF download and as a printed booklet. Details of the printed booklet can be found HERE.

There are 3 versions of the pdf. You will be able to download any or all of the following pdf and graph versions:

Version 1 ~ A six-page colour chart.

Version 2 ~ A one-page colour chart (intended to be viewed/used on your tablet, phone, laptop, or computer).

Version 3 ~ A six-page black and white symbol chart.

Mary G Ramage is a beautiful and very colourful sampler from the Scottish Borders. Mary was 12 years old when she stitched this sampler in 1891, mainly using cross stitch over 2 threads on approximately 24ct Penelope canvas. She has also included in her sampler a beautiful alphabet stitched using Algerian eyelets over 4 threads, carrying on the tradition of using repeated eyelet stitches to form the letters in an alphabet.

Mary originally stitched her sampler using wool threads which have faded overtime, and some colours on the front of the sampler have changed and become muted and dull. The colour palette was therefore taken from the reverse of the sampler, as these were still so vibrant and fresh. Should Mary happen to gaze down on us while we are stitching, these are the colours she would recognise, and the finished sampler is how Mary intended it to be seen and a true reflection of her own choice of colours and how she used them together.

The verse leads us to think that this may be a Temperance sampler and is taken from Proverbs 20:1 “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging and whoever is deceived by it is not wise.” Maybe she stitched this sampler at Sunday School.

Mary Georgina Ramage was born at Wester Woodheads in the Scottish Border parish of Westruther, Berwickshire, on 13th April 1878 at 11 am! This precise information is recorded on her registration of birth, which also tells us that her parents were Thomas Ramage and Eliza, née Stoddart, who were married on 18th March 1868 in Edinburgh.

Mary very tragically died on 12th June 1895 at 7.45 pm. She was only 17 years of age and had been suffering from Bright’s Disease of the kidneys for 6 months. Her father is noted as being present at the death, and I am sure her family would all have been gathered at the home. Her death notice appeared in the Southern Reporter newspaper on 20th June 1895.

“At Flass Woodheads, Westruther, on the 12th inst. Mary Georgina Ramage, beloved daughter of Thomas and Eliza Ramage, aged 17yrs. Deeply mourned by sorrowing friends.”

Our grateful thanks go to Susan for exquisitely stitching the model of Mary G Ramage and guest writing Mary’s story. At the very core of Hands Across the Sea Samplers there is a team of needleworkers who are passionate about antique samplers and being able to share those samplers with you.


Thread Legend

Mary’s sampler has been stitched with a palette of 10 colours from Au Ver à Soie’s range of Soie 100.3. We have provided conversions for Soie d’Alger and DMC. Only 1 spool or skein of thread is required whether you are stitching on 14ct Aida/28ct linen or 56ct linen.

Soie 100.3  073 Blue green ~ medium 106 Coral ~ dark 226 Golden brown ~ light 271 Emerald green ~ dark 303 Golden olive 494 Salmon ~ medium 524 Garnet ~ very dark 605 Turquoise ~ dark 616 Golden olive ~ dark 647 Moss green ~ dark   Soie d'Alger 145 Emerald green ~ dark 524 Golden olive 1723 Turquoise ~ dark 2125 Moss green ~ dark 2546 Golden brown ~ light 2915 Salmon ~ medium 2921 Coral ~ dark 2936 Garnet ~ very dark 3744 Golden olive ~ dark 5022 Blue green ~ medium   DMC  349 Coral ~ dark 503 Blue green ~ medium 580 Moss green ~ dark 829 Golden olive ~ dark 832 Golden olive 902 Garnet ~ very dark 977 Golden brown ~ light 3818 Emerald green ~ dark 3712 Salmon ~ medium 3810 Turquoise ~ dark  

Linen Sizes

The design area is 191 stitches (w) x 200 stitches (h). Our calculations have included a 3" margin for finishing and framing. The model was stitched using 56ct Zweigart-based linen that was overdyed to the shade “Marbled Pointer” by xJuDesigns. We recommend that you use a count and fabric that you enjoy working with.

  14ct Aida / 28ct linen: Design: 13.64" x 14.29" Fabric: 19.64" x 20.29" 30ct linen: Design: 12.73" x 13.33" Fabric: 18.73" x 19.33" 16ct Aida / 32ct linen: Design: 11.94" x 12.50" Fabric: 17.94" x 18.50" 18ct /36ct linen: Design: 10.61" x 11.11" Fabric: 16.61" x 17.11" 20ct Aida / 40ct linen: Design: 9.55" x 10.00" Fabric: 15.55" x 16.00" 46ct linen: Design: 8.30" x 8.70" Fabric: 14.30" x 14.70" 56ct linen: Design: 6.82" x 7.14" Fabric: 12.82" x 13.14" 62/52ct linen: Design: 6.16" x 7.69" Fabric: 12.16" x 13.69"  

Stitch Guide

The stitches used are cross stitch over two threads and Algerian eyelets. The sampler is suitable for needleworkers of all abilities and can be stitched on Aida, Linaida, or Linen.


 Cross stitch ~ is made up of two stitches worked over two threads. You should make all your stitches cross in the same direction for a neat and uniform finish.


Algerian eyelets ~ When worked over four threads of linen 8 stitches are laid to create an eyelet. Do not tug on the thread using your needle as your thread will soon break. Instead, apply pressure by pulling on the thread close to the stitch. Even tension should be applied so each individual stitch sits well within the eyelet.


Hands Across the Sea Samplers are on hand to help those stitching our charts. If you need assistance or have any questions, we can be reached via email, address shown below, or the contact page on our website. Our website has stitching tutorials which can be found in the “Sewing Basket and Tools” section.