Online Workshop – I, Bathya

£40.00 ex. VAT

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This is an online tutorial that can be purchased.

The tutorial comprises of  downloadable workshop booklet and 17 comprehensive step by step “how-to” videos. To stitch the band sampler Bathya you will need to purchase the booklet separately.

Video 1: Satin Stitched Alphabets – Part 1

Video 2: Satin Stitched Alphabets – Part 2

Video 3: Four Sided Stitch

Video 4: Stepped Satin Stitch /Stem Stitch

Video 5: Double Back Stitch

Video 6: Reversible Cross Stitch – Version 1

Video 7: Double Sided Italian Cross Stitch

Video 8: Alternating Double Back Stitch

Video 9: Reversible Cross Stitch – Version 2

Video 10: Single and Double Running Stitch

Video 11: Detached Buttonhole Filling

Video 12: Eyelet Stitch

Video 13: Twists, Turns and Diagonal Double Back Stitch

Video 14: Hiding your Running Stitches

Video: 15: Two Tone Double Sided Italian Stitch

Video: 16: Planning Ahead and Overlapping

Video: 17: French Knots

You will also have reasonable access to Nicola via Skype and emails to assist you on a one-to-one basis.

Once the tutorial has been purchased an access link will be emailed within 24 hours, often sooner depending on time zones.