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This delightful sampler is offered to you in two different formats ~ an instant PDF download and as a printed booklet. Details of the printed booklet can be found HERE.

What a feast for the eyes! It is such a shame that the child who created this winsome sampler did not include her name. All that is recorded are the initials WJ, PH, and the year 1888.

We sense that the sampler’s maker was industrious and enjoyed stitching her sampler. She used wool on 18ct Penelope canvas. The child certainly had an ebullient sense of colour and a vivid imagination.

The giant pear and rose, completely out of proportion, flank the red house. With smoke billowing from all its chimneys, the viewer is invited into the house through its open side door. A family home is definitely at the heart of this sampler.

The sampler was stitched the year after Great Britain celebrated Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. The Victorian age was the first in which childhood was recognised as a distinct and important stage of life. The family, embodied by the young queen, her beloved Albert, and their nine children, was idealised. The Victorians were imaginative when it came to entertaining children. The “Golden Age” of children’s illustrated books (1880 to the early 20th century) is regarded as a literary epoch that produced some of the finest works of art ever created for children’s literature.

We wonder if The Rose and The Giant Pear was inspired by a fairy tale, read one winter’s night, in front of a fire that burnt bright in a red house that was just a hop, skip, and a jump around the corner and down a lane that led to the end of a rainbow.

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.” ~ Walt Disney

This sampler has been worked with cross stitch over 2 strands of linen and has been rated as suitable for needleworkers of all levels of ability. It can be stitched on Aida, Linaida, or linen.

There are 4 versions of the pdf. You will be able to download any or all of the following pdf and graph versions:

Version 1 ~ A two-page colour chart.

Version 2 ~ A one-page colour chart (intended to be viewed/used on your tablet, phone, laptop, or computer).

Version 3 ~ A two-page black and white symbol chart.

Version 4 ~ A one-page black and white symbol chart (intended to be viewed/used on your tablet, phone, laptop, or computer).

Thread Legend

This delightful sampler has been reproduced using a palette of 18 colours from Au Ver à Soie’s range of Soie 100.3. We have provided conversions for Soie d’Alger and DMC. Only one spool or skein of each colour is required.

There is currently a global shortage of some shades of silk. We have liaised with Access Commodities, the US distributors for Au Ver à Soie, to identify which shades may be difficult to source. There is 1 shade of Soie 100.3 where we have suggested an alternative shade.

Soie 100.3

031 ~ Hazelnut brown ~ light

072 ~ Grey green ~ medium

079 ~ Avocado green ~ medium ** #491

088 ~ Desert sand ~ light

091 ~ Pumpkin ~ pale

147 ~ Old gold ~ very light

183 ~ Shell grey ~ dark

199 ~ Olive green ~ medium

242 ~ Topaz ~ ultra very dark

303 ~ Old gold ~ dark

344 ~ Salmon

524 ~ Garnet ~ very dark

525 ~ Mahogany ~ medium

616 ~ Golden olive ~ very dark

621 ~ Grey green ~ light

659 ~ Avocado green ~ light

664 ~ Christmas red

710 ~ Grey green ~ very dark


Soie d’Alger     

643 ~ Pumpkin ~ pale

945 ~ Christmas red

1736 ~ Grey green ~ very dark

2114 ~ Avocado green ~ light

2126 ~ Avocado green ~ medium

2224 ~ Olive green ~ medium

2542 ~ Old gold ~ very light

2615 ~ Mahogany ~ medium

2926 ~ Garnet ~ very dark

2942 ~ Salmon

3344 ~ Shell grey ~ dark

S3596 ~ Desert sand ~ light

3745 ~ Golden olive ~ very dark

4245 ~ Old gold ~ dark

4242 ~ Hazelnut brown ~ light

4236 ~ Topaz ~ ultra very dark

5382 ~ Grey green ~ light

5384 ~ Grey green ~ medium



301 ~ Mahogany ~ medium

321 ~ Christmas red

422 ~ Hazelnut brown ~ light

451 ~ Shell grey ~ dark

470 ~ Avocado green ~ light

677 ~ Old gold ~ very light

680 ~ Old gold ~ dark

733 ~ Olive green ~ medium

760 ~ Salmon

780 ~ Topaz ~ ultra very dark

829 ~ Golden olive ~ very dark

902 ~ Garnet ~ very dark

924 ~ Grey green ~ very dark

926 ~ Grey green ~ medium

927 ~ Grey green ~ light

937 ~ Avocado green ~ medium

950 ~ Desert sand ~ light

3825 ~ Pumpkin ~ pale



Linen Sizes


The sampler can be stitched on Aida, Linaida, or linen. We used a linen overdyed to a shade of Crème Brulée by Tabbycat Linen.

The design area is 177 stitches (w) x 65 stitches (h). Our calculations have included a 3″ margin for finishing and framing.


28ct: Design: 12.64″ x 4.64″ Fabric: 18.64″ x 10.64″

32ct: Design: 11.06″ x 4.06″ Fabric: 17.06″ x 10.06″

36ct: Design: 9.83″ x 3.61″ Fabric: 15.83″ x 9.61″

40ct: Design: 8.85″ x 3.25″ Fabric: 14.85″ x 9.25″

46ct: Design: 7.7″ x 2.83″ Fabric: 13.7″ x 8.83″

56ct: Design: 6.32″ x 2.32″ Fabric: 12.32″ x 8.32″

Stitch Guide

This whimsical sampler has been worked with cross stitch over 2 strands of linen and has been rated as suitable for needleworkers of all levels of ability.

Cross stitch ~ is made up of two stitches worked over one or two threads. You should make all your stitches cross in the same direction for a neat and uniform finish.

Hands Across the Sea Samplers are on hand to help those stitching our charts. If you need assistance or have any questions we can be reached via the contact page on our website.



Chart Correction

Please note that there is a correction to the circled area in the photograph below. We apologise for the oversight.