Words of Wisdom ~ a compendium of needlework projects


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Within the specially commissioned red box, you will find a compendium of needlework projects; all are limited editions and exclusive to Words of Wisdom.

There are twenty-three charts contained within twelve booklets. All the designs have been curated to form a themed sampler wall/display when stitched.

This is a true compendium; projects large, medium and small with varying styles and palettes. The theme that links them are the little sayings stitched within the samplers. They are about life, values and morals. Some with make you smile others will make you think. Some of the sayings are derived from Proverbs found in the bible but they are not religious based.

We cannot have a red box without some special goodies! There are five carefully chosen additional items that complement the projects. These too are limited editions and exclusive to Words of Wisdom.

The red box will arrive packed in a brown postal box. When you lift the lid of the red box, you will find that each item within has been individually wrapped, so that you can experience the thrill of opening the seventeen items. Will you open them all at once or savour the experience over a number of days? Maybe you will open the box on Christmas day. I do not know if I could wait that long!

There is an additional envelope labelled “Please Open Last”. It contains a letter from me explaining the concept of the box. You will also find some discount vouchers from stores that I love to shop with. I am sure that you will enjoy putting them to good use.

The actual value of the contents of the box and shipping total £354.00. However, we appreciate everyone who supports Hands Across the Sea Samplers, so the cost of the box has been capped at £250.00 plus £3.00 shipping. A little thank you from us!

It has been such fun compiling this special offering. We hope that you will experience countless hours of joy stitching the projects and using the additional items within.

Stitchfolk have made available a beautiful companion project bag to keep your new charts and projects in. An ample 15″ x 13″ horizontal orientation makes for easy accessibility to your treasures. For further information and to visit Stitchfolk’s website click HERE.




  • Please note that Words of Wisdom ~ a compendium of needlework projects is a strictly limited edition production.  The box and contents have been planned for many months and unfortunately due to production lead times for the specially commissioned box and “goodies” we are not able to order more supplies. The number of boxes available now for pre-order are the total number that can be produced. 


  • All the contents within the box are limited editions and exclusive to Words of Wisdom.


  • Words of Wisdom ~ a compendium of needlework projects is available for pre-order.


  • The expected date when shipping will commence is 15 November 2023.


  • If you cancel a pre-order before it is shipped, a restocking fee of £30.00 will be charged.


  • Cancellations and returns are not accepted after the box has shipped.


  • Your box will be shipped using Royal Mail’s Tracked International Service, and a tracking number will be provided.


  • As we do with our charts, we will be subsidising the postage, so no matter where in the world you live, there will be a flat shipping fee of just £3.00.


  • We are based in a remote rural community. The village Post Office can only handle about 50–100 parcels a day due to its size. However, as we did with Letters from Europe, we will endeavour to ship as many boxes as we can each day until all orders are in the postal system.


  • Last but not least, please do not share the contents of the box on social media until one month after orders have shipped. You may receive your box before other needleworkers receive theirs. An important element of the box is the many surprises that are contained within.