A guest post by Tim Parsley

In typical Australian style, the weather has moved from fire to flood with no decent respite in between for emergency crews.

On the 1st February 2020, mother nature took one last swipe with fire, releasing a raging wildfire which would move the better part of 6 km within 18 hours and present a significant containment challenge for crews in a landscape that had been baked completely dry. So dry even the gum trees were starting to give up.

With the fire being in the Wentworth Falls area, the brigade played a significant role in its management over the next few days up until the arrival of the rain. Not just a little bit of rain, biblical rain.

Australia is a land of drought and flooding rain, and this year was no exception.

In the same town where we were chasing a running wildfire a week earlier, we were suddenly helping members of the community clear fallen trees from their properties, unblock overflowing  drains and prevent drivers from travelling through flood waters. 400mm+ of rainfall within the space of 3 days to be specific, the most Sydney has seen in a single event for the last 2 decades. An immense amount of rain in an already distressed landscape meant flash flooding, landslides and problems at the other end of the scale for us.