A special finish

I want to share with you a VERY SPECIAL version of the Bristol Orphanage sampler “Louisa Coulimore”. A version that has filled my heart and one that I will cherish. 

I always say in my talks and workshops to stop and really study a sampler and it will whisper to you. Please stop and look at Louisa and see all the extra special touches then read what Barb has said about her sampler below.

“Rarely does a day go by that I don’t hook rugs, knit, or most often, stitch. I rarely post  my work other than on specific group pages, but for several reasons I’m sharing this piece. The design, “Louisa Coulimore, a Bristol Orphanage Sampler”  from the design studios of Hands Across the Sea Samplers comes with the story of the Muller Orphanage and specifically, the life story of Louisa Coulimore. Louisa’s childhood and mine are more different than alike, but like her, my earliest childhood was lived in an orphanage and I have added some of my personal information to my sampler, making it more special to me. 

Thank you, Nicola Parkman for this amazing design, and special thanks to Patti Nicolosi, By My Hand Needewerks for your perfection framing.

And to my stitchy friends seeing this, I stitched over two on 40 count with my personal information done over one on Lakeside Vintage Pearled Barley linen with GA Rose Garden.” – Barb Albrecht

With grateful thanks to Patti Nicolosi of By My Hand Needl’werks for allowing us to use her photograph. 

More information about Louisa can be found HERE.